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New Adventures For A Developer

Being an engineer has different aspects that are interesting once you get past the fact that we sit in front of a computer all day writing lines of code. One in particular that I’d like to talk about his the fact that we don’t necessarily do some work because we know how to do it, we do it because we know how to figure it out. Most programmers will write code for a number of different projects and different types of project for completely different purposes.

For me, one of the reasons working with RedPipe has been an interesting experience is our work for the film industry. It is an industry I didn’t really know that much about until I started getting into the ActZero office to understand the business and work on code while I watched them bustle around. It was fun learning the different rules and nuances of how they calculate how much everyone gets paid. It’s insanity really, to tell you the truth, but I wouldn’t expect much else from the group of lunatics that I love so much.

It was at the ActZero office that we came up with the name actually. We were sitting there trying to come up with a name and started spewing different ideas. Amusingly, there was a red plumbing pipe running along the ceiling of the office. It caught my eye and I just blurted out “red pipe.” It kind of rolled off the tongue so we went with it. Some people’s immediate reaction was that it sounded related to drugs, but I submit to you that anyone who thinks that might possibly be thinking about drugs more than they should.

There were other facets of utility development that I had to learn for the first time. Database development was something I hadn’t even glanced at during my four year degree at DigiPen. My mistake was researching the basic operations on a database, which I found very simple, without looking up overall designs for how a database should be laid out, which is where the real complexity of a database exists. I was able to make something that worked, but it was lacking in our ability to modify it.

Overall, I have certainly enjoyed jumping into new fields that I hadn’t learned about before. These are things that I can take with me for the future. I’m sure I will run across databases in the future and having that experience will be invaluable. The film stuff might not ever end up being that useful to me personally, but I had fun working with it regardless.

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